Weathershield Brickwork repair and restoration

Common problems with brick walls

Many houses are adversely affected by deteriorated pointing. The cement is penetrated by water which is absorbed. In cold conditions the water freezes, the cement expands and is forced out of the brickwork.

The effect of this is that single bricks can crumble or the worst case scenario is that the entire wall collapses. Moisture, time and dirt can negatively affect the look of the brickwork, making it dirty or stained. As moisture evaporates, deposits of salt are drawn out causing the bricks to get wet – this results in efflorescence.

If bricks are exposed to water regularly, freezing water can expand and break off the top surface of the brick. The inner surface is then exposed. The brick is said to be “spalled”.This will result in bricks crumbling completely after time.


Replacing bricks if the outer face is damaged is the best option, as otherwise the brickwork will be exposed to potential further damage. Removing weak or damaged pointing to an approximate depth of 10-20 mm and replacing pointing is recommended.

Weathershield Coatings Clearshield helps to stop any further deterioration by sealing porous material to stop damp from penetrating. Water vapour can evaporate which prevents the problems caused by freezing water in the brickwork.

The Weathershield name is synonymous with quality, long-lasting exterior finishes.

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