Wethertex™ is the leading UK brand for high performance external coatings and weatherproofing systems.

Wethertex™  range of products has been the success of over 40 years knowledge and expertise in the coating market. The range includes performance primers, base coat adhesives, coatings, masonry paints along with brick and mortar weatherproofing systems.

Wethertex™  understand that properties requires a weatherproofing maintenance free facade which protects the property from all weather conditions, enhances the appearance and increases the value of the property.

Wethertex™ Coatings are all high performance products. They are pre-mixed ready to use products which are highly pliolite polymer and silicone resin modified, the polymer increases flexibility and adhesion strength. Silicone adds a high water repellent quality, repelling water from the surface of the coating system, while allowing vapour to pass through the coating.

All products have been designed to have excellent workability and open time properties. The pre-mixed feature allows faster and consistent application of batch controlled, factory produced quality materials.

Wethertex™ offers 19 beautiful pastel colours and four different texture options.