Weathershield Concrete render repair and restoration

Rendering is a process which involves making buildings weatherproof. Different parts of the building are covered with a durable coating so that water cannot penetrate. It can also be used as a decorative finish.

Types of Rendering

  • Cement Render: A mix of cement and sand. 1st coat is 3 parts sand and 1 part cement. The 2nd coat is 4 parts sand, 1 part cement.
  • Cement Lime Render: Cement, lime and sand. One part lime, one part cement, six parts sand.
  • Acrylic Render: Cement, polymer, lime, sand is ready mixed.

Common Problems

Older buildings tend to be susceptible to damp problems, mainly due to how they were built and the less sophisticated materials used.

If moisture isn’t able to evaporate from external brick, stone or render, cracks can occur. The property is not able to “breathe” to allow moisture out. This may be due to a structural fault.

Blown Rendering

There is a problem when the render is no longer bonded to the wall. You can find this out by tapping the wall. If it sounds hollow it is no longer bonded. In this situation, water can penetrate, causing damp and leading to the water freezing which will cause the render to fall off.


The best way to find out if damage is occurring is to carry out a full inspection. Any cracks found need to be opened up and repaired. If the render is no longer bonded to the wall (this can be checked by tapping the render with a key or hammer) it should be cut away and repaired.

It is difficult however to get an exact surface match whilst repairing rendering. This match can be achieved with Weathershield textured coating which will cover any unsightly marks.

The Weathershield name is synonymous with quality, long-lasting exterior finishes.

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