Weathershield Pebbledash – walls repair and renovation

Pebbledash is the word used to describe external rendering where small stones are “dashed” or thrown onto the topcoat of the render before it dries. This then creates a weathering surface.

Spar is a similar product which uses jagged chippings. This is available in various forms. You can choose between ordinary stone, Canterbury or Dolomite. If you are looking for a neutral colour, ordinary stone is the correct choice. For colour options choose Canterbury or Dolomite.

Roughcast is similar to pebbledash but incorporates the stones into the mix instead of adding them on top like pebbledashing. The stones are larger and coarser than the ones used in pebbledashing.

Negative Effects of Pebbledash

Long term damage and erosion can occur due to the fact that pebbledash is too absorbent. Rain water is absorbed far too easily which feeds penetrating damp.

Verdigris, a blueish-green finish, can be problematic on north facing walls and in damp areas. Over the passage of time, pebbles fall off and cracks appear leaving the wall underneath vulnerable to the elements.


Repairs are possible but the repair work is extremely noticeable and not aesthetically pleasing. Removing the pebbledash takes a lot of time and is very expensive.

There is a method called “Bagcoat” used by Weathershield Coatings. This is a mix of latex, sand and cement that is brushed onto wall surfaces. This covers all cracks, loose pebbledash and hides any unsightly marks. A completely waterproof and decorative finish is applied afterwards.

The Weathershield name is synonymous with quality, long-lasting exterior finishes.

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