External Wall Rendering

Spraytex Weathershield Coatings has been providing Exterior Wall Rendering throughout the UK to the highest standard for many years. Every aspect is taken into account when Spraytex Weathershield Coatings is asked to render your property. From the initial request to completion, Spraytex Weathershield Coatings will guide you through the whole process with ease.  Spraytex Weathershield Coatings can also apply coloured rendering to your property. Please see the range of colours we can supply.

If you have any Questions or Queries don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Wall rendering of brick, concrete and mud houses has been used for hundreds of years to improve the appearance of exterior walls. Rendering has many other benefits such as keeping properties better insulated and protecting against the wearing effect of the weather. Especially important in Britain where wind and rain can knock away at the colour and surface of walls.There are different styles of rendering throughout the world, with many countries having traditional colours as well as styles. A traditional render is made of sand and cement mixed together. This can be textured or coloured before application. Adding small stones would give a pebble dashed effect. More recently acrylic renders are used as they are more water resistant and stronger than traditional renders. With acrylic renders there is a great choice of pigmented finishing coats. Also many patterns and textures are possible such as a sand effect, sandstone, marble, stone, lime wash or clay like finishes. We cover the whole of the UK, If you would like to find out more about how a render coat could improve the look of your property please get in touch.

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