Weathershield Stucco repair and restoration

Common stucco is made up of hydraulic lime, sand and hair and is an exterior render. It has three layers, an aggregate, a binder and water.

Three types of Stucco render

  • Fat lime, sand and cement sometimes mixed with animal hair as reinforcement
  • Hydraulic lime and sand (hydraulic mix)
  • Fat lime with pozzolanic additive and sand

It is essential to identify the material used when doing repair work to make sure there is continuity – both historical and structural. The wrong mortar mix will not be compatible with the original.

Common Problems

Even though Stucco is durable, regular maintenance is needed to prevent the surface breaking down due to excessive water penetration. This also causes bulging due to loss of adhesion. There is also the common problem of water freezing if it becomes trapped which can lead to structural damage.

The Weathershield name is synonymous with quality, long-lasting exterior finishes.

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